Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
ARFRP1 0 0 None None ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
ARFRP1 0 0 None None ARFRP1-010 ENST00000607873
ARFRP1 0 0 None None ARFRP1-005 ENST00000609142

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
c9e3d4c7-862b-4ef2-9a08-216fc44e0bdc CervixUteri.Cervix-SCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
310820cc-fc05-45c6-8f04-a44db0828686 Colon.ColoRect-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-010 ENST00000607873
82bb01e9-a659-417b-b9e8-831a76277a21 Colon.ColoRect-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-010 ENST00000607873
932c2e20-510c-4aed-879e-b69d90710b64 Colon.ColoRect-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-010 ENST00000607873
37725090-996e-4ab2-bbf6-dc3d2970e387 Esophagus.Eso-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
87ddacee-93c2-4a9a-9e53-3af7fe5c0886 Kidney.Kidney-RCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
b8862635-21cd-405b-b757-8ee924a7a826 Kidney.Kidney-RCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
bf7a15fb-0afe-49c9-ae7b-f5fc9f47531f Kidney.Kidney-RCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
56e6f602-0afb-434e-b28e-665d923ad781 Liver.Liver-HCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
5bd6ca42-16ca-484f-877f-cda4fb3f93a8 Liver.Liver-HCC ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
358984cc-b532-4f00-89f4-dda524469b6d Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
65537c4d-ad30-4211-b819-094621c316f4 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-005 ENST00000609142
4ab212b1-2a55-4850-8610-8a3c96ed0c1b Thyroid.Thy-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
ee665717-a903-44bc-8eaa-afb46bd4edf0 Thyroid.Thy-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-003 ENST00000217224
00055bad-54b7-4898-a9ae-3dd8036e62d3 Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-005 ENST00000609142
8e901591-a236-4208-899b-f1bde1e5f841 Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA ARFRP1 - ARFRP1-005 ENST00000609142