Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
CTNS 0 0 None None CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
CTNS 0 0 None None CTNS-005 ENST00000399306
CTNS 0 0 None None CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
CTNS 0 0 None None CTNS-202 ENST00000441220

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
c400332b-7ef2-4891-8070-413cb48a7e9c Blood.Lymph-CLL CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
206a7d2e-6f03-4f41-87b4-2660896f478f Blood.Lymph-CLL CTNS - CTNS-005 ENST00000399306
82bb01e9-a659-417b-b9e8-831a76277a21 Colon.ColoRect-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
37725090-996e-4ab2-bbf6-dc3d2970e387 Esophagus.Eso-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-202 ENST00000441220
4c6a2682-cc1f-4deb-806c-17cd11345a6f Kidney.Kidney-RCC CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
87ddacee-93c2-4a9a-9e53-3af7fe5c0886 Kidney.Kidney-RCC CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
33fb74dc-e9cf-4cd1-b997-6e1b239fb9e4 Kidney.Kidney-RCC CTNS - CTNS-005 ENST00000399306
8fbcbc02-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Biliary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
56e6f602-0afb-434e-b28e-665d923ad781 Liver.Liver-HCC CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
43672213-eb65-4206-bc57-56587b08259f Lung.Lung-SCC CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
76733f6c-f1c1-4d57-bf7d-87640d3b88f9 Muscle.Bone-Leiomyo CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
26514a38-7c8b-4afa-9814-e129c58a9120 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
358984cc-b532-4f00-89f4-dda524469b6d Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
d6aab8b1-8b8b-443f-b2bc-1539c59efe42 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
f72b280c-e0d0-4b08-bfe3-cd868a2f1b4c Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870
029ee1b9-9193-4e9d-92cc-85797470b498 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
09056c40-1848-4ce9-b4b3-6f21e5e09b59 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
0c0660d1-2d98-442a-95f0-593fbceafae8 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
a2ecbfd4-e1e7-441a-a862-4e50112c8ba5 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
af0dd9f2-ad0c-4682-a713-00622f3fcbc8 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
d3cc0e8f-4fc4-4937-8e40-78bd4cbeb50f Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-201 ENST00000414524
4ab212b1-2a55-4850-8610-8a3c96ed0c1b Thyroid.Thy-AdenoCA CTNS - CTNS-002 ENST00000381870