Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
KAZN 0 0 None None KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
KAZN 0 0 None None KAZN-202 ENST00000422387
KAZN 0 0 None None KAZN-201 ENST00000400798
KAZN 0 0 None None KAZN-003 ENST00000361144

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
0832a83c-30d8-4a09-b676-74d546a8380a Blood.Lymph-BNHL KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
13971a3c-7aa9-4c89-af15-8a63b8028a66 Blood.Lymph-BNHL KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
24766f81-8045-4caa-aa80-c02d13f85d35 Blood.Lymph-BNHL KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
3065cd43-45be-4c87-95ca-f41486d110be Blood.Lymph-CLL KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
ddad39f9-0c10-4c9a-bbb4-53a3bf79b474 Blood.Lymph-CLL KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
58d4d6ea-cb30-47f9-87ff-d2dec6e3385e Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
680b6b06-1331-4060-adb3-c44e862895b0 Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
baa1261d-78ae-4a47-8459-2513361ba6de Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
ca134742-0f02-4178-b1bf-c6f7a9ff8cce Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
d937a17b-e4a9-4299-bb8a-6147483ee11e Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
faad58ae-6000-4ab9-8469-ecd92f0344ff Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
2adbe625-d7cc-45a9-b00b-e5e439e52deb Lung.Lung-SCC KAZN - KAZN-202 ENST00000422387
0ce4a372-c91b-43e5-96e5-f42751699a50 Pancreas.Panc-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-201 ENST00000400798
8f518277-f131-48e9-9494-33beec0caac7 Pancreas.Panc-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-201 ENST00000400798
4c5b9676-ed06-4bb8-8112-236974be9145 Pancreas.Panc-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-202 ENST00000422387
a4f282c0-b938-44b1-a34d-bd7e2ece4dc5 Skin.Skin-Melanoma KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
a8b63750-fd87-4129-98e8-54e778671520 Skin.Skin-Melanoma KAZN - KAZN-001 ENST00000376030
29d36f5e-216e-47cf-8df6-c74876428559 Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144
4b7c033f-23f8-4014-a7ec-341600a0bd58 Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144
7250c569-720a-49e4-a53e-20abfe9073dc Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144
c6721c2d-adce-447c-83dd-e500b43506fc Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144
df0df04e-bb65-4dd6-91db-753eaa86a0c3 Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144
ee72d926-e87d-47fd-8d58-b3202d03b473 Stomach.Stomach-AdenoCA KAZN - KAZN-003 ENST00000361144