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ENST Interaction Network

Interaction Lost Information on Different Transcripts of the Gene
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
LECT2 0 0 None None LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
LECT2 0 0 None None LECT2-004 ENST00000514447

Network Density Score: %

Network Density Score shows the density of interactions of a protein and its local neighborhood.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these cancer types

Interaction Lost of Different Transcript of Gene
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
15576aa7-83e0-4bc7-9103-8b3eb78fe315 Lymph-BNHL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
8803be70-8cf8-463b-a639-1b73b19ea396 Lymph-BNHL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
9e6f4e7f-23ba-4157-8334-1bee76294c19 Lymph-BNHL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
bef39107-9255-44d5-9bfe-c8318bb69e3d Lymph-BNHL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
d64a2073-6e4a-4893-8c3a-c3b6e2661e36 Lymph-BNHL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
0e7b12f6-daff-40b3-92ee-48836bc309a4 Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
14febba7-4b40-41cf-8d82-024539f54349 Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
4333d96a-4361-419b-bb9e-12c50df99907 Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
745a2093-2dc7-41d2-aff2-7201e3a20e1d Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
79ec059a-9b5d-42fe-a61c-6c5e267f5d6f Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
7a646a1f-761d-4ba0-9070-1c22b79ff86c Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
9259d1fc-34cb-4049-a8e8-54fbd681d506 Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
d0ff40b5-64ef-4f6a-8c7e-d398248d162f Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
fecacab2-ccf7-4c94-8dcd-fd319a3e630a Lymph-CLL LECT2 - LECT2-003 ENST00000512872
8fbb829c-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbc0320-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbc974a-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbcbc02-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbcec2c-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbd0482-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fb8c084-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver-HCC LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fb8dcc2-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver-HCC LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fb9cfce-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver-HCC LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fba4c2e-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver-HCC LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447
8fbc4e8e-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver-HCC LECT2 - LECT2-004 ENST00000514447