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ENST Interaction Network

Interaction Lost Information on Different Transcripts of the Gene
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
MBD1 0 0 None None MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
MBD1 0 0 None None MBD1-008 ENST00000585672
MBD1 0 0 None None MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
MBD1 0 0 None None MBD1-024 ENST00000589541

Network Density Score: %

Network Density Score shows the density of interactions of a protein and its local neighborhood.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these cancer types

Interaction Lost of Different Transcript of Gene
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
594f57f1-a1a9-4a3d-ae9e-fa601a29c917 Lymph-BNHL MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
f43a92ce-fc88-4e40-be91-0b5641ad844e Lymph-BNHL MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
a6a4630e-3d28-4a38-8c9f-29fc0c7b380a Cervix-SCC MBD1 - MBD1-008 ENST00000585672
0031d433-d703-4b2c-9fdf-2920008eb457 ColoRect-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
28904a18-b1fc-4d2f-8cd5-3f7ff759dac1 ColoRect-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
5f8c2272-4530-45b3-a6d7-00de9be46d71 ColoRect-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
9774e154-3b3f-45ce-8082-243bd03a0493 ColoRect-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
37725090-996e-4ab2-bbf6-dc3d2970e387 Eso-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-024 ENST00000589541
6a2cafbb-2824-4727-b950-0c2bdcf26358 Liver-HCC MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
e5e12896-2cf3-4d5d-8f79-00cd964fc132 Liver-HCC MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
0fd0cbba-815e-4087-aa44-39c4b271ff49 Liver-HCC MBD1 - MBD1-008 ENST00000585672
0c0cfdfb-107b-4a20-bfda-7922453c041e Lung-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
990bafa2-fdcf-4e80-aeb3-702157438626 Lung-SCC MBD1 - MBD1-008 ENST00000585672
358984cc-b532-4f00-89f4-dda524469b6d Ovary-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
c38294af-7b80-470a-99eb-523f3fafbbaa Ovary-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
37b97ecc-786c-451b-910b-eebedf5a365f Panc-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
38c3b55f-15e5-4074-8358-b4ca85a5a7fe Panc-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
cc6baf87-b93e-4648-9584-262daa8bcc21 Panc-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
dcf64460-46b0-4911-964f-35192194a0cb Panc-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
70a93713-e154-46c8-9360-b873c63f0f05 Prost-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
cfd4785f-1844-4274-8892-e2e558cb112a Thy-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
88e9cdc4-bcf1-49e9-8965-7dc6b3688585 Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-002 ENST00000353909
4575ca5e-968c-419d-9707-4e99d55dddb7 Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
a2d46b53-d9bd-4c19-9a0a-fecb48d3c06a Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
c60df680-5bd6-48cc-a112-985f73d9092c Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
de485b7d-cd88-4889-aff4-e290027f26bb Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208
deeb2238-8ed6-4651-8b63-428c76914c94 Uterus-AdenoCA MBD1 - MBD1-011 ENST00000590208