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ENST Interaction Network

Interaction Lost Information on Different Transcripts of the Gene
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
PFN2 1 0 None None PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
PFN2 1 0 None None PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
PFN2 1 0 None None PFN2-006 ENST00000481767

Network Density Score: %

Network Density Score shows the density of interactions of a protein and its local neighborhood.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these cancer types

Interaction Lost of Different Transcript of Gene
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
08893743-829B-4594-AB67-D5EB5E80A4F3 Breast-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
0a5a7511-4e7b-4fe4-b323-c354acffab57 Breast-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
0b3c65ed-ff55-45c9-b6a3-dd3a596a0271 Breast-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
c9e3d4c7-862b-4ef2-9a08-216fc44e0bdc Cervix-SCC PFN2 - PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
17aa0cc6-c07e-4512-8c0a-e520863a58e4 Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
b7b1b89b-13f9-4cae-9673-34e4c31cd3ca Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
d324b289-764c-46e0-8aa3-8d10f6a8c495 Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
d4d86182-64cd-4b99-91ee-b41b57de112f Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
d937a17b-e4a9-4299-bb8a-6147483ee11e Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
faad58ae-6000-4ab9-8469-ecd92f0344ff Kidney-ChRCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
507264df-eae4-4e84-8ba6-b883190665e9 Kidney-RCC PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
33fb74dc-e9cf-4cd1-b997-6e1b239fb9e4 Kidney-RCC PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
50db517a-a5c7-431e-9439-cb5cffb9b954 Kidney-RCC PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
1b8d5b5e-f671-419a-844a-6640fe5a896d Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
26a7b379-378d-4b8a-bd98-4c8ec6cc0532 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
430aa27a-00aa-4ea0-a272-1cdfc40eb0c6 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
77b1c06b-46ef-4c8c-8a82-37f83e3c48cf Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
905db509-c554-440a-a507-67a9486dee09 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
a3173b33-aa16-48a2-b733-0345aad49755 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
af0dd9f2-ad0c-4682-a713-00622f3fcbc8 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-001 ENST00000239940
15c0fde7-d2b9-434d-81be-196d49244f8d Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
26514a38-7c8b-4afa-9814-e129c58a9120 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
358984cc-b532-4f00-89f4-dda524469b6d Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
72e75aa6-315d-41dc-a7ea-ff5a20d507a5 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-003 ENST00000423691
6e763361-46bf-45f1-ba95-f120258a37d3 Ovary-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
2c5d86e0-2e3d-4259-97e9-023df54c8c56 Uterus-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
39dbc57b-dd7d-4ebe-a905-47b500adef88 Uterus-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
8e901591-a236-4208-899b-f1bde1e5f841 Uterus-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767
e62793b0-8fb2-4c91-9f64-c0eae21571a7 Uterus-AdenoCA PFN2 - PFN2-006 ENST00000481767