Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
PLXND1 6 0 None None PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
PLXND1 6 0 None None PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
0acf650f-8275-4319-bdb4-bb0a6c35c235 Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
17238de6-eab7-47ed-948e-be06ee5de5b7 Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
5cb8881d-dc6e-4b62-b9a3-d96c83d2567e Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
d324b289-764c-46e0-8aa3-8d10f6a8c495 Kidney.Kidney-ChRCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
008292c8-81f5-4930-b179-a198686fc79b Kidney.Kidney-RCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
50db517a-a5c7-431e-9439-cb5cffb9b954 Kidney.Kidney-RCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
87ddacee-93c2-4a9a-9e53-3af7fe5c0886 Kidney.Kidney-RCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
b8862635-21cd-405b-b757-8ee924a7a826 Kidney.Kidney-RCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
bf7a15fb-0afe-49c9-ae7b-f5fc9f47531f Kidney.Kidney-RCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
8fbcbc02-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Biliary-AdenoCA PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
8fb7b0cc-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
8fb7cc10-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
8fb9cfce-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-001 ENST00000324093
56e6f602-0afb-434e-b28e-665d923ad781 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
5bd6ca42-16ca-484f-877f-cda4fb3f93a8 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689
e642839c-9891-4ff0-93c4-556d81572af9 Liver.Liver-HCC PLXND1 - PLXND1-018 ENST00000504689