Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
VWA5A 0.0 0.0 None None VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
VWA5A 0.0 0.0 None None VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
VWA5A 0.0 0.0 None None VWA5A-004 ENST00000449321

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
312ea080-3831-453d-aa8c-e466192c8309 Bladder.Bladder-TCC VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
83f8c292-5ae0-4c58-9f08-e58ce391f4f4 Breast.Breast-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
37725090-996e-4ab2-bbf6-dc3d2970e387 Esophagus.Eso-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
536d11ba-aa02-4443-96e8-6e9e9898ceb7 Kidney.Kidney-RCC VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
bf7a15fb-0afe-49c9-ae7b-f5fc9f47531f Kidney.Kidney-RCC VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
066228ca-f6f5-4ee2-a038-cf23d3752ff0 Muscle.Bone-Leiomyo VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
15c0fde7-d2b9-434d-81be-196d49244f8d Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
26514a38-7c8b-4afa-9814-e129c58a9120 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
358984cc-b532-4f00-89f4-dda524469b6d Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
f72b280c-e0d0-4b08-bfe3-cd868a2f1b4c Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
430aa27a-00aa-4ea0-a272-1cdfc40eb0c6 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
65537c4d-ad30-4211-b819-094621c316f4 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
73dc0427-548d-49c4-ac22-bd127db791a3 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
f05dba68-a8a6-4770-9e4d-62d3a9d70a79 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
f4fccaa6-cd8c-4e5a-a7a8-beb63cf7b109 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
f88cba2a-57ba-4279-be97-613d3f5b7930 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
4ab212b1-2a55-4850-8610-8a3c96ed0c1b Thyroid.Thy-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-201 ENST00000360334
1c908135-7fdf-4257-8b9e-92e6aa0850a6 Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
43abe272-41cb-4b54-b6f6-50a27c670e46 Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
484a9564-c6dd-4e54-a319-4d826f308d0c Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
543b9907-bf2a-4f64-b83f-13cc4289310b Uterus.Uterus-AdenoCA VWA5A - VWA5A-005 ENST00000361352
SRR19243447 Alzheimer's disease VWA5A - VWA5A-004 ENST00000449321
SRR19243448 Alzheimer's disease VWA5A - VWA5A-004 ENST00000449321