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ENST Interaction Network

Interaction Lost Information on Different Transcripts of the Gene
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
ZNF385A 0 0 None None ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
ZNF385A 0 0 None None ZNF385A-005 ENST00000550779
ZNF385A 0 0 None None ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313

Network Density Score: %

Network Density Score shows the density of interactions of a protein and its local neighborhood.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these cancer types

Interaction Lost of Different Transcript of Gene
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
429f0e9d-c160-4b36-a31b-dab1097c6129 Bladder-TCC ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
11436915-2621-4cb8-a5b8-80f221046be9 Lymph-BNHL ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
144739d3-b2d3-493c-8731-d652f03a5b37 Lymph-BNHL ZNF385A - ZNF385A-005 ENST00000550779
c9e3d4c7-862b-4ef2-9a08-216fc44e0bdc Cervix-SCC ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
37725090-996e-4ab2-bbf6-dc3d2970e387 Eso-AdenoCA ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
76733f6c-f1c1-4d57-bf7d-87640d3b88f9 Bone-Leiomyo ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
066228ca-f6f5-4ee2-a038-cf23d3752ff0 Bone-Leiomyo ZNF385A - ZNF385A-005 ENST00000550779
4412ca3b-518d-4fe2-bd0b-a1bb5ff910c1 Bone-Leiomyo ZNF385A - ZNF385A-005 ENST00000550779
11e4b666-d6e8-4b8d-9340-5ac8ac3979e6 Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
12273db4-5bb3-4529-aaad-cc4b486c85c5 Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
315e9fee-404c-4f59-829b-d769e965c87e Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
400b226d-d5a5-444a-9b0e-33c6c7252d1e Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
9c14ff17-4b8d-448f-acac-6dd769559bed Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
a4bc78e7-1b6e-47de-8209-0beaa63dd4b9 Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
a9c381e2-9f6a-4b07-a804-f7c3b7e976da Skin-Melanoma ZNF385A - ZNF385A-007 ENST00000394313
4ab212b1-2a55-4850-8610-8a3c96ed0c1b Thy-AdenoCA ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268
ee665717-a903-44bc-8eaa-afb46bd4edf0 Thy-AdenoCA ZNF385A - ZNF385A-002 ENST00000352268