Top 10 dMDT and Number of dMDTs in each samples
Transcripts found as dMDT in the Disease
Disease Sample ID Gene Name dMDT Transcript Name
OIH SRR8584387 Tenm1 ENSMUST00000115059 Tenm1-001
OIH SRR8584389 Tenm1 ENSMUST00000115059 Tenm1-001
OIH SRR8584387 Sp2 ENSMUST00000107624 Sp2-002
OIH SRR8584390 Slc1a4 ENSMUST00000004634 Slc1a4-001
OIH SRR8584386 Irak3 ENSMUST00000145665 Irak3-002
OIH SRR8584390 1700023F06Rik ENSMUST00000107026 1700023F06Rik-201
OIH SRR8584387 Lima1 ENSMUST00000073691 Lima1-001
OIH SRR8584390 Spata24 ENSMUST00000096573 Spata24-202
OIH SRR8584390 Il1r1 ENSMUST00000027241 Il1r1-201
OIH SRR8584390 Slco2b1 ENSMUST00000107086 Slco2b1-003
OIH SRR8584390 Nadsyn1 ENSMUST00000156638 Nadsyn1-002
OIH SRR8584390 2610018G03Rik ENSMUST00000114887 2610018G03Rik-002
OIH SRR8584386 Car7 ENSMUST00000056051 Car7-001
OIH SRR8584390 Mns1 ENSMUST00000184604 Mns1-003
OIH SRR8584390 Ctsh ENSMUST00000123320 Ctsh-003
OIH SRR8584390 Plscr2 ENSMUST00000113044 Plscr2-004
OIH SRR8584390 Celf5 ENSMUST00000119060 Celf5-004
OIH SRR8584390 Cobll1 ENSMUST00000112430 Cobll1-004
OIH SRR8584390 Mettl25 ENSMUST00000176924 Mettl25-002
OIH SRR8584390 Micall2 ENSMUST00000170773 Micall2-003
OIH SRR8584386 Zfp292 ENSMUST00000047950 Zfp292-001
OIH SRR8584387 Zfp292 ENSMUST00000047950 Zfp292-001
OIH SRR8584388 Zfp292 ENSMUST00000047950 Zfp292-001
OIH SRR8584389 Zfp292 ENSMUST00000047950 Zfp292-001
OIH SRR8584390 Zfp292 ENSMUST00000047950 Zfp292-001
OIH SRR8584390 BC052040 ENSMUST00000166472 BC052040-201
OIH SRR8584390 Nfrkb ENSMUST00000086167 Nfrkb-001
OIH SRR8584387 Wbp1l ENSMUST00000138302 Wbp1l-001
OIH SRR8584390 Wbp1l ENSMUST00000138302 Wbp1l-001
OIH SRR8584390 Mex3d ENSMUST00000105350 Mex3d-001
OIH SRR8584390 Sez6l ENSMUST00000075387 Sez6l-201
OIH SRR8584390 Gm15401 ENSMUST00000156497 Gm15401-002
OIH SRR8584389 Ak6 ENSMUST00000190729 Ak6-002
OIH SRR8584387 Fam220a ENSMUST00000119488 Fam220a-001
OIH SRR8584390 Fam220a ENSMUST00000119488 Fam220a-001
Number of detected dMDTs in each sample
Disease Sample ID Number Of MDTs
OIH SRR8584386 3
OIH SRR8584387 6
OIH SRR8584388 1
OIH SRR8584389 3
OIH SRR8584390 22