CanIsoNet: Disease-specific Isoform Interaction Network

CanIsoNet serves as a gateway to understand the functional role of disease-specific isoform switching events. We provide two main functionalities for the users:
1. Browsing various statistics on disease-specific isoform switching events
2. Exploring and visualising isoform-specific network disruptions in the STRING interaction network

This table shows the percentange of interaction lost for each dMDT in CanIsoNet as a result of indicated pfam domain lost.

If you use CanIsoNet, please cite the following articles :
Karakulak et al., CanIsoNet: A Database to Study the Functional Impact of Isoform Switching Events in Cancer, BioRxiv, 2021.
Kahraman et al., Pathogenic impact of transcript isoform switching in 1,209 cancer samples covering 27 cancer types using an isoform-specific interaction network, Scientific Reports, 2020.

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