CanIsoNet: Disease-specific Isoform Interaction Network

A gateway to understand the functional role of disease-specific isoform switching events

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Project Code Disease Name Dataset
GSE203206 Alzheimer's Disease GSE203206
GSE205867 Behcet's Disease GSE205867
Biliary-AdenoCA Billiary adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Bladder-TCC Bladder transitional cell carcinoma PCAWG
Bone-Leiomyo Bone/Soft Tissue leiomyosarcoma PCAWG
Breast-AdenoCA Breast adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Breast-LobularCA Breast lobular carcinoma PCAWG
Cervix-AdenoCA Cervical adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Cervix-SCC Cervix squamous cell carcinoma PCAWG
CNS-GBM CNS glioblastoma PCAWG
CNS-Oligo CNS oligodendroglioma PCAWG
ColoRect-AdenoCA Colon/Rectum adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Eso-AdenoCA Esophagus adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Head-SCC Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma PCAWG
Kidney-ChRCC Kidney renal cell carcinoma-chromophobe type PCAWG
Kidney-RCC Kidney renal cell carcinoma-clear cell and papillary PCAWG
Liver-HCC Liver hepatocellular carcinoma PCAWG
Lung-AdenoCA Lung adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Lung-SCC Lung squamous cell carcinoma PCAWG
Lymph-CLL Lymphoid chronic lymphocytic leukemia PCAWG
Lymph-BNHL Lymphoid mature B-cell lymphoma PCAWG
Lymph-NOS Lymphoma-not otherwise specified PCAWG
PRJNA433105 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia (Tissue:Trigeminal Ganglia) PRJNA433105
PRJNA433105 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia (Tissue:Nucleus Accumbens) PRJNA433105
Ovary-AdenoCA Ovary adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Panc-AdenoCA Pancreas adenocarcinoma PCAWG
GSE128177 Parkinson's Disease GSE128177
Prost-AdenoCA Prostate adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Skin-Melanoma Skin Melanoma PCAWG
Stomach-AdenoCA Stomach adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Thy-AdenoCA Thyroid adenocarcinoma PCAWG
Uterus-AdenoCA Uterus adenocarcinoma PCAWG

If you use CanIsoNet, please cite the following articles :
Karakulak et al.,CanIsoNet: A Database to Study the Functional Impact of Isoform Switching Events in Diseases, Bioinformatics Advances, 2023.
Kahraman et al., Pathogenic impact of transcript isoform switching in 1,209 cancer samples covering 27 cancer types using an isoform-specific interaction network, Scientific Reports, 2020.

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