Most frequent dMDT and number of dMDT
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List of dMDT
Disease Sample ID Gene Name dMDT Transcript Name Relative Expression
OIH_NAc SRR8584396 1700023F06Rik ENSMUST00000107026 1700023F06Rik-201 0.654
OIH_NAc SRR8584398 Triobp ENSMUST00000109687 Triobp-005 0.533
Number of detected dMDT per sample
Disease Sample ID Frequency
OIH_NAc SRR8584396 1
OIH_NAc SRR8584397 0
OIH_NAc SRR8584398 1
OIH_NAc SRR8584399 0
OIH_NAc SRR8584400 0