Gene Name:

Protein Interaction Network

Interaction losses of dMDT
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
TMEM116 0 0 None None TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
TMEM116 0 0 None None TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445

Network Density Score: %

The local network of this protein has more interaction than % of all proteins in the proteome.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these disease types

Samples showing lost interactions due to MDT switch
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
670eab31-e873-4404-bbff-1b427e7b80c1 Breast.Breast-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
7b53ba9f-506e-4af7-9752-ae50e4445880 Breast.Breast-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
f97f68be-6838-455c-91bf-7549543a82c3 Breast.Breast-LobularCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
b8862635-21cd-405b-b757-8ee924a7a826 Kidney.Kidney-RCC TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
23a1c2b7-3ff3-40b2-b0c9-468a8b6fcd7d Kidney.Kidney-RCC TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
507264df-eae4-4e84-8ba6-b883190665e9 Kidney.Kidney-RCC TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
5bd6ca42-16ca-484f-877f-cda4fb3f93a8 Liver.Liver-HCC TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
8fbb0402-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Liver.Liver-HCC TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
26514a38-7c8b-4afa-9814-e129c58a9120 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
689b89a0-a058-44f9-8bca-0b8cb6f6b697 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
72e75aa6-315d-41dc-a7ea-ff5a20d507a5 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
c38294af-7b80-470a-99eb-523f3fafbbaa Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
d6aab8b1-8b8b-443f-b2bc-1539c59efe42 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-007 ENST00000355445
14fe1014-6e3a-4e94-983a-948140cd2d0d Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
6024cbd5-40a5-4e6f-86cc-b430a8784957 Ovary.Ovary-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374
c5fafb87-e6d6-409e-9872-117798b3d4c4 Thyroid.Thy-AdenoCA TMEM116 - TMEM116-001 ENST00000552374