Gene Name:

ENST Interaction Network

Interaction Lost Information on Different Transcripts of the Gene
*only proteins having domain-domain interaction information are taken into consideration
# of
# of Missed
Domain Int
Transcript Name dMDT
TP63 2 0 None None TP63-001 ENST00000264731
TP63 2 0 None None TP63-004 ENST00000354600
TP63 2 0 None None TP63-201 ENST00000382063

Network Density Score: %

Network Density Score shows the density of interactions of a protein and its local neighborhood.
Statistics on dMDT

*Transcripts of this gene has been found as dMDT in these cancer types

Interaction Lost of Different Transcript of Gene
Sample ID Disease Gene Name 1 Gene Name 2 Transcript Name dMDT
7e84df9f-1da5-4add-a5e8-a9d9d8af409c Breast-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
8fbb829c-ddb8-11e4-ad8f-5ed8e2d07381 Biliary-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
c8b3eddd-f3cf-42eb-bb30-ccc3943eadec Liver-HCC TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
1cade122-820d-4d68-8508-7a6c0f2b4852 Lung-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
472518f5-c62b-4e50-9ea9-077a44a8f117 Lung-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
ccf84703-a5c7-4995-a1c2-b3e4e15d99b7 Lung-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
2afa4dfe-6d9b-46b1-89bd-235c7b5cbebf Lung-SCC TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
72e75aa6-315d-41dc-a7ea-ff5a20d507a5 Ovary-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-201 ENST00000382063
1ac40a6c-056b-419f-9a24-bcd24d66e678 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
37b97ecc-786c-451b-910b-eebedf5a365f Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
77ded327-2c26-46de-afda-ef24ca25e8ac Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
8027afbd-234f-4911-b193-880741f216d4 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
908c0356-5985-44b4-887c-6902ea45e4e6 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
b661cc40-81cf-4b40-a7a7-ce62eaea39cf Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
d0301d39-d465-40c3-80f3-e842258ffdb7 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
d626a136-dcb2-4fdc-a364-c3858cf5173a Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
dc2b2e3d-889b-4175-9199-1c909c505b5f Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-001 ENST00000264731
0f671165-5790-47bc-9793-9f63ffc36e42 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
20675a45-3e6c-4bf4-b1fc-21f36631a5e8 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
41eee6a7-806d-4c77-b236-eeb60a8cf183 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
62979323-f23d-4b62-ba15-061327b7ff56 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
6c71de3e-501d-440a-a123-5d7302ff6cb8 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
94a8e647-e53b-4060-81d9-2599c19a05c9 Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
dcdc31de-6cb8-4f41-a3a0-ad1b487709cc Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
df42453a-9ce2-495c-b750-363ab3032f3a Panc-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600
249b80fa-341f-429f-af14-18a917162c73 Stomach-AdenoCA TP63 - TP63-004 ENST00000354600